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When logging in as an 'admin' user, the Dashboard is the first thing you'll see, showing you any timesheets/expenses waiting to be approved/paid. You can also see a list of your active projects and how the budget compares to whats been claimed against it, giving you a real-time indication of the remaining budget for each project. When a 'basic' user logs in, they will only be able to see a list of timesheets previously submitted.

At a Glance

The Dashboard is great for seeing a snapshot of whats happening in your company in real-time.


The chart is great for seeing if there are any projects close to reaching their budget.


Project Details

The Project Details page shows you all the up to date information about the project, including a chart so you can visually see how the budget compares against what timesheets/expenses have been claimed against the project.


You'll find a list of all the Timesheets and Expenses that have been claimed against this project.

Assigned Users

Here you can also manage what users are assigned to a project, ensuring only authorised users can claim against the project.



As an admin user, you have the ability to create and populate users timesheets, or they can create and populate their own timesheet either using a computer, tablet or mobile device. After a Timesheet is submitted, it can then be Approved or Rejected.

Add Tasks

Add tasks completed for different projects on the same timesheet.


Looks great on both computer and mobile devices.


User Details

See everything you need to know about a user on the User Details page. Here you can see what Projects the user is assigned to, the tasks and rates for this user and any previously submitted timesheets.

Task Management

Add/edit/delete tasks related to the user that can be claimed for on their timesheets.

Assigned Projects

Users can only claim on the Projects that they are assigned to, so you dont get any surprises.



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